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We've been running Devoxx4Kids for a few years now, and wherever we go, we try to collect new ideas about how to get more kids interested in coding. Over those years we have collected quite a few resources, and thought it would be nice to share them. If you know any more things you want added, let us know and we'll add them too.



Scratch is a visual programming language. It allows children to drag and drop coding blocks into a script and to quickly run that script. Each script controls a sprite, or even run processes in the background. It can be used to create games or to script stories. It does require that the child is able to read.



CodeCombat is a game that you play by programming your avatar. You have to traverse a dungeon, solve puzzles and slay monsters. At first I though that maybe this might be more interesting to boys, but I have used it in quite a few workshops by now, and haven't met a girl that didn't like it yet. You can use it to learn about HTML, JavaScript and Python.




As I mentioned in the introduction Duchess has helped organize some of these events in the Netherlands. These events can be found all over the world. Usually targeted at children aged 10-14. (Though individual events might have different rules.) They are mostly all day events with several workshops using various tools.



This list is nowhere near everything I know about, but I'm planning to keep adding to it. So come by to check it out every few weeks. As soon as I have exhausted my knowledge, I will remove the disclaimer.