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Duchess events Duchess events

Social October 18 

We'll have a social in Utrecht. Location to be determined. Register here

Duchess Anniversary Lunch @Devoxx - November 8

This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary at Devoxx with a diversity lunch. We are not sure if you can join us if you are not registered for Devoxx. (Sadly they are already sold out.) But we're open to all Devoxx attendees who can tell us why they are adding to the diversity of the conference.

Register here

Technical November 25

We will have a technical where we will do a code kata in mob programming style.

location: Worth Office in The Hague.
time: 11 AM - 4 PM

Register here

External events External events




5-7 February 2018
Stockholm, Sweden

European Testing Conference

19-20 February 2018
Amsterdam, NL



26 April 2018
Utrecht, NL


Voxxed Days Melbourne

2-3 May 2018
Melbourne, Australia

CodeMotion Amsterdam

8-9 May 2018
Amsterdam, NL

Devoxx UK

9-11 May 2018
London, UK


9-11 May 2018
Krakow, Poland



11-13 June 2018
Barcelona, Spain


Agile on the Beach

12-13 July 2018
Falmouth, UK


16-19 July 2018
Portland (OR), USA

Call for papers Call for papers


Krakow, Poland
closes: 26 February 2018


Utrecht, NL
closes: 19 March 2018


Barcelona, Spain
closes: 1 May 2018