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I'd love to become a speaker, but I don't have anything to say!

So all our incessant nagging has paid off, and you are considering becoming a public speaker. You'd really like to give a talk at that one great conference, but you really have no clue what to talk about. Don't worry, this is pretty common, and it's bugged us quite a few times as well. There has been many an event that I didn't submit anything for, despite planning to attend (and wishing I did have something I could submit). But today I've found this great article that I think can help us all:

This is a checklist of questions that prompt you to come up with good ideas. So my advice will be to download that list, print it and hang it in a visible space. Then any time another CFP comes by that makes you wish you had a talk to give, spend the requested 30 minutes to come up with something. And remember, we're always willing to help you finetune your idea if you drop us an email!

Female spakers wanted at JFall

Last year at JFall I gave an ignite talk about Sketchnoting. It wasn't until after the conference that I realized I had been the only female speaker at the event. 5 minutes of presentation by a woman at a conference with about 40 hours worth of content. Knowing very well that this was no deliberate discrimination by the organizers, I determined to do something about it. So this year I have joined the program committee and have set myself the goal of 10% female speakers. I counted 55 names on the program last year, so that would amount to only 5 or 6 female speakers. Surely that should be attainable.

So help me reach my goal by flooding the CFP with proposals this year, as soon as it opens. It's supposed to open on the 16th of June, so I'm giving you a head start to think about your subjects. 

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Entry level presentations are perfectly fine. Lots of people have never started with that one technology you have worked with.
  • Feel free to submit several talks. If you only want to give one talk, just let me know, and I'll make sure the rest of the committee knows as well.
  • Talking in front of a crowd is scary, but you have to know that the audience wants you to succeed. They have come to learn, not to gloat about your incompetence. Just think about yourself for a second when you visit a conference, you didn't come to gloat either, did you? Most people are there for the same reasons. :)
  • You can always submit a talk together with somebody else. In that case you can back each other up.
  • There will be several different formats of talks from an ignite talk to a hands on lab so maybe a shorter talk will suite your topic more. (But beware that the ignite talk is in my opinion the hardest format of all, despite it's short length!)
  • Talks at jFall are both in Dutch and English so feel free to select the language you are most comfortable with.
  • Drop us a line if you want some help with your proposal or want to practice your talk in front of a small group.