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I'd love to become a speaker, but I don't have anything to say!

So all our incessant nagging has paid off, and you are considering becoming a public speaker. You'd really like to give a talk at that one great conference, but you really have no clue what to talk about. Don't worry, this is pretty common, and it's bugged us quite a few times as well. There has been many an event that I didn't submit anything for, despite planning to attend (and wishing I did have something I could submit). But today I've found this great article that I think can help us all:

This is a checklist of questions that prompt you to come up with good ideas. So my advice will be to download that list, print it and hang it in a visible space. Then any time another CFP comes by that makes you wish you had a talk to give, spend the requested 30 minutes to come up with something. And remember, we're always willing to help you finetune your idea if you drop us an email!

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