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Devoxx Buddies Program

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Even if you’ve been attending developer conferences for years, sometimes they can just feel like lonely places.

If you’re attending Devoxx UK this year and don’t know anyone else coming, but do know that you’ll want share your experience with others, there’s a solution.

Long time Devoxx attendee, Java Champion and JDuchess founder Linda van der Pal has stepped up to the plate to conceive and coordinate the Devoxx Buddies Program.

We’ll match you with two or three other people with similar interests. Together, you can discuss the sessions you’ve seen, grab a drink (if that’s what you enjoy), have dinner, and ultimately get so much more out of the conference experience than you would on your own.

The plan is to match up all Buddies groups with at least one person who has been to Devoxx UK before. There will be an information desk at the event where you can find and leave information on what your dinner and other social plans are.  It’s also possible to switch in and out of groups to help you meet as many people as possible.

Even if you know a heap of people coming to the event already, you can still sign-up to meet new people and help share the Devoxx experience more. Maybe you can introduce others to all the people you already know, can tell them where and when to get the best food or coffee, or where the best restaurants in town are. Or perhaps you could be a mentor for less experienced conference goers and first-time attendees.

We’re ready and waiting to help create the best conference experience we can. Why not join us?

Register for the Devoxx Buddies Program

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